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20 February 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Airbot is an air quality monitoring system for the city of Houston that does three things:

1) Archives air quality / pollution data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
2) Makes the data available as a REST API
3) Tweets out @kuukihouston when certain pollutants (e.g. Benzene, which causes cancer) goes above EPA limits.

We made to raise awareness of the air quality in Houston and give the city of Houston some ammo to enforce air quality regulations because nearby chemical plants (just outside Houston) are causing cancer rates 2x the national average in neighborhoods on the border.

The project is open source ( and my role was the figure out how to get the data, parse it, store it, and make it available as an API.

I also helped mentor a student at Rice University who wrote the actual Twitter bot portion of the solution.

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