Nobuyoshi Araki

1 October 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Nobuyoshi Araki

I was asked to take portraits of Japans most famous pervert, Nobuyoshi Araki. The evening included plenty of strong drinks and a long conversation about ropes and women (–"you need to tie beuatiful girls up, or they will just escape from you") at his private little snack bar in Shinjuku.

The end result? – A six page feature story in Konstvärlden - Sweden's biggest magazine about art.

Hi, I'd love to see the full series if you have a link? I'm very fond of Araki's work from the early Heisei era!

Hi Ben and thanks for your comment! :) The story is not available online, but you can see a few more photos on the portfolio section on my website:


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