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13 February 2017 ● 1 min read ● 1 image for iPhone V5 implements Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. It is the smartest way to manage your schedule and to-do lists. And it helps you efficiently handle your task, whether you are busy executives, or smart staff. is a product of the Snoworange company. They design and implement cross-platforms product line (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows).

Version 5.0 brought enhancements with daring UI changes. At Centax, Inc. we help update and implement this version which requires complete re-design of the app architecture and a lot of custom UI elements.

As with many of our other client projects, we don't do the original design (we're not good at that), but instead we work closely with our clients to make their design a reality. Usually we're also responsible for implementing the web site or backend API. But for, their existing backend works just awesome so we didn't have to worry about that. was originally built with Objective-C. With Version 5, we mix Swift 3 in and update/improve legacy codebase piece by piece. We're working to bring more features/fixed to 5.1.x at the moment (Feb, 2017).

We love to partner with designers/startups to help them develop prototypes, MVPs and product-ready apps.

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