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This is a performed version of my previously not-truly-named-yet track "Blumeyer Comma JI Unpump": https://soundcloud.com/cmloegcmluin/blumeyer-comma-ji-unpump

It was practiced and recorded as part of the Untwelve Microtonal Summer Camp 2016. untwelve.org/
Set at the peaceful Circle Pines Center in Delton, Michigan, 14 xenharmonicists gathered to share ideas, good times, and of course out-there music.

The Performers, to whom I am deeply grateful
Jacob Barton: Udderbot
Thomas Scheurich: Cello
Joe Monzo & Stephen Weigel: Voice

I presented the tuning behind Tsraxcfaubdj, "Yer", to the group, then recruited these folks to learn it well enough to play it. Here is a video explaining the tuning: vimeo.com/184148765

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