MEGAPLANE - time lapse illustration video

9 January 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This video took just slightly all day to make. I hope you notice that many of the drawing strokes match the music.

While looking at old WWII fighter planes, I thought what if they could be enlarged 10 fold and converted to peaceful commercial passenger use. When flying between Japan and the US, I have always wished planes had bigger windows, observation decks and snack bars. The round window in this drawing is the engine room.

Drawn on an iPad using an Apple Pencil in Procreate.
©2016 Daniel Schallau

Fantastic! I love seeing this come together bit by bit!

Mark Mcfarlane It's funny how the video editing was the hardest part about this. I wanted parts to be in sync with the music. Next time I will make the video 60 seconds to make it fit Instagram's 1 minute limitation. The problem with videos is getting people to actually watch them or watch them with the sound on.

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