Photo stream

1 December 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Photo stream

One day I got fed up with Instagram for blocking me for making too many changes to my photo hash tags. So I deleted my photos and wrote my own. I can take video or snapshots on my cellphone, add some meta tags to it, define it as public or private, upload it from the phone, and have it appear in my stream URL with the meta tags extracted as headers and footers around the photo. Then, presto! Friends and family can see what I'm doing in Japan. The general public will see public photos, where the friends and family that login will see the public photos plus the private photos intermixed in matching the correct timeline. Additionally, if I make a tag mistake or upload the wrong image, I've written a management page to change the text, change the privacy settings or plain just delete the photo.
It seems to work well, and of course having control of your own photos is the best policy.

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