1st class cooking goods booklet

9 September 2015 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
1st class cooking goods booklet

For Elle à Table Japan http://www.elle.co.jp/atable I made this cover illustration and other 3 interior pages (soon on my site) with 1st class cooking products.
They were great fun to draw and got very hungry doing it. I actually was thinking of drawing more cooking related stuff so was happy when this came in. Bon appétit.

Ryan Ruel - Creative Director in Tokyo, Japan Ryan Ruel Creative Director 10 June 2016

I really love the contrast of the lines and the lines made with the white space in color. That tomato label is just beautiful.

Luis Mendo - Illustrator in Tokyo, Japan Luis Mendo Illustrator 11 June 2016

Ryan Ruel you're such a great friend. Glad you like them!

This is amazing!

Thanks Natalie! Glad you like it.
Btw, Adrian and I were thinking we should meet for coffee or something. Weird we haven't met you yet.

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