Stratos feat. MadCon

21 October 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

Created some flashing logo animations for the Jumbo-tron for the Ninjas at the Qvisten Animation in Oslo, Norway.

Producer: Irene Sødal Dietrichson, Ove Heiborg
Director: Rasmus Sivertsen
Script: Rasmus Sivertsen, Holger Fangel
VFX supervisor / AD : Martin Skarbø
Animation Supervisor: Morten Øverlie
Character Design: Khim Tengesdal
Animation: Morten Øverlie, Robert Kuczera, Dani Sappa, Hilde Digernes, Yaprak Morali, Vibeke Cleaverley Rodriguez, David Rodriguez
Modeling: Aleksandar Jovanovic, Armando Sepulveda
Texturing: Christer Sveen, Johan Leuf, Heidi Dahle
Mattepaint: Joachim Barrum
Rigging: Kustaa Vuoori, Frode Mohrsen
Compositing: Johan Leuf, Even Holte, Martin Skarbø, Steven Elvesæter
Shading: Johan Leuf, Martin Skarbø, Thomas Smestad
Lighting: Martin Skarbø, Johan Leuf, Steven Elvesæter
Pipeline TDs : Jo Jurgens, Raymond Kreppene
Concept design: Joachim Barrum, Are Austnes
Lightning design: Martin Skarbø
Storyboard: Mikolaj Watt
Production Coordinator: Georg Ellingsen
Motion Graphics: Emil Bardh
Lyddesign: Preben Grieg-Halvorsen
Mistika operator: Bengt Ove Sannes
Music: Madcon - In My Head

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