Lonely City

26 September 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

A haiku expressed through motion graphics:

How did a city
with one million shining souls
become so lonely?

Though filmed in New York City, the "city" mentioned in this piece can be figuratively represented by any city in the world. Despite being home to countless people, tall buildings, and bright lights, a city can exude an undeniable sense of loneliness. This becomes particularly true when one is completely immersed in the environment - surrounded by said people, buildings, and lights and left to reflect on how vast a place the world really is. All the footage for this project was shot at Washington Square Park, a well-known landmark and tourist spot. Instead of focusing on the signs of life gathered there, I noticed things that most people would walk right by: a birdhouse up high in a tree, a lone bench, a rusted chain swinging in the wind. These elements, alone and abandoned, became my inspiration for Lonely City.

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