Pocahontas (cover) /ポカホンタス, ニュー・ワールドの姫

22 August 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image
Pocahontas (cover) /ポカホンタス, ニュー・ワールドの姫

The cover of my comicbook about Pocahontas. Available in France (Sarbacanes Editions) and in North America (Pegasus Books) / (2015)

Wow, this is awesome! I'd love to get a copy of the book some day.

I love all your work!

Petar > thanks a lot !
Erica > it is supposed to be out in english version in a few weeks. If the publisher is nice enough to send me some copies I can give you one :)

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