"Not Now" photo-book

22 July 2023 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
"Not Now" photo-book

Thanks to Nives Edizioni, I have published a selection of photos which have been taken "not now".
Then, why to publish those now?
It was 2021/22 when I felt the urge to put out this material; because it was the time when it was impossible to do street photography or meet anyone without a face mask.
Could then be Escapism and the Utopia tools for empowerment?
Could we address Nostalgia and Escapism as regressive or that they might function as planning tools?
My past investigation was informed by the following themes: Techno-animism, Nostalgia, Escapism, and Retrofuturism.
I wanted to be able to analyse and produce narrative-type artefacts to reflect and speculate on proposed scenarios influenced by technology and its present and possible impact on the human condition… by abandoning current technologies.
I have failed.
I have felt devoured by the digital tools I have worked with since 1997.
I then used the same tools to imitate the analogue ones from which they have been modelled.
The images printed in the book are not analogue photography but still-frames from videos.
This book is a testament to duplicity and dishonesty.

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