Leo's 3D Coloring Page for Phonak Hearing Aids

9 August 2016 ● 1 min read ● 0 images

Phonak is a hearing aid company out of Sweden, looking to find an engaging way to use their character "Leo" to educate kids about hearing.

They came to us to see if we could find a unique way to 'show' sound using their character with augmented reality.

We came up with 2 concepts:
1.) "Make Noise" - This page uses 3 objects which are synonymous with making loud noise; Fire Truck, Dog, and Xylophone. Kids can tap on each item and watch the animation, which is accompanied by visual sound marks.

2.) "Play Soccer" - This page is a simple soccer game which uses on screen visuals representing sound such as music notes, arrays, and clapping hands. To start the activity, a whistle icon appears on the screen. The user taps the whistle, which makes a whistle sound. When the user kicks the ball, sound arrays appear and when the user scores, hands clap to show the sound of clapping.

Client Testimonial:
“We are very impressed with the work from Jessop Petroski and his team at Puteko Limited. Their augmented reality and ability to render coloring pages into interactive 3D worlds is fantastic. We have received many positive feedbacks from children as well as grown-ups, which all just have so much fun coloring in Leo, our pediatric mascot, and make him come alive on their smart device screen. It can help children to feel better about their hearing loss and now, they have a “friend in hearing” with which they can score goals!

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