Mobile Mountain Lodge

8 August 2016 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This drawing is for a book on an alternative history of transportation. There is a lot to look at, so I animated the still drawing with sound effects in iMovie. Drawing: Colored pencil over ink on paper.

I love detailed pieces like this! Do you have a high-resolution version that we could check out, Daniel?

Thank you Mark! This is about as detailed as I have online right now: If you can pinch zoom on a track pad or tablet you can see it better. I can probably prepare a shared album on iCloud so that I can share the address here. I'll investigate that. I can also post a .jpg here of the same drawing that is on my website.

Gotcha. I tried looking at that image, but it wasn't so high resolution on my Mac. Actually, you may be interested in trying our new, more powerful editor that we're currently beta testing? It would allow you to show multiple images of the piece, from full-coverage down to close-ups of certain parts. Could be pretty cool!

If that sounds interesting, please have a look at and let me know if you'd like me to enable it for your account (only takes a second to flip the switch).

Mark. This might do it for you
and I would like to take part in the beta testing.

I love it : D I miss illustrations like this. When we were kids the books has so much more character I think. It annoys me when I see really empty sort of CG generated books these days. I guess even as a kid, you naturally feel the work that had gone into the drawing. When I used to teah, the kids used to go nuts over this book it kind of reminds me of yours a little. Great work anyway man : D

Thank you Thomas Beswick . I think you nailed it on the head. I grew up looking at the same pictures. However, I have seen the writing on the wall and have moved to drawing using an iPad for my simple work and have even drawn one of my detailed pieces using the iPad Pro. Check out "Sounds of Mobileopolis" on my profile page. View it in Youtube and only the first few seconds are blurry. I am still figuring out the digital feel I am trying to achieve but when I print it out, I can still feel the work that went into it. Now if I can ever finish my book. Thanks again. Good luck with your editing!

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