Yokai Band Doodles

25 July 2016 ● 1 min read ● 5 images

An important part of my work is to fill up sketchbooks. Some pages are of nearly finished drawings; others are barely thought out. Some drawings have potential; others do not. But unless I force myself to put all of these ideas down on paper,  I find that I have trouble moving on to new ideas. So I draw often. Every day I go through different exercises and push myself to put ideas down on paper.

A few weeks ago I found myself doodling around midnight, and decided to draw a quick series fit for summer in Japan. As I looked through some ukiyoe prints for ideas, I came upon some yokai characters that immediately made me imagine a band. This series of doodles (one doodle per night) was the result.

The Lead Guitarist

The Distorted Melodica

The Bass Keytar

The Giant Cat on Giant Drums

The Metal Vocalist

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