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Hey Mike, really love your work. Is their a name for this style?

It reminds me of the old days technique where animators would paint on the reverse of plastic acetate but I can't remember what that technique / style was called - cell paining maybe.

Anyway great stuff. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Adam Akhtar Hey Adam, thanx a lot!
Well, technically it's vector. But i'm actually not a big fan of the usual cheesy vector stuff we can find on the web, it can look terribly cold. So i tried to create something warmer, a vector style closer to an illustration feeling. And you're right because some of my inspiration comes from the Japanese animation and the way they typically use this kind of sharp lights/shadows, and the old days of celluloid painting.
By the way, i have my exhibition at USN Harajuku, opening party is on Sept 11th:
Feel free to come and bring people! ^_^

Japanese animation - thats exactly where i first read about it. It was in some UK Super nintendo magazine that would report on all things Japan (It was 1991 pre internet so Japan was even more mysterious back then). They showed an illustrator painting up some character artwork and how the technique made the colors really pop.

Thanks for the heads up re: the exhibition - I've put it in my diary and hopefully I'll be able to attend. I notice a couple of friends are already going on Facebook.

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