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Metronome is a third-person interactive animation based on the poem of the same name by Jasmine Dreame Wagner and being developed by Dai Oinuma. 

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The moon was a peach

and the sky, persimmons.

Clouds washed up

on the beach--

or were they styrofoam

peanuts? I warbled

like Gershwin,

into a can. My professor

of geography asked me,

how can you have

a river and an ocean

in a city? Where

were you standing?

Someone said, ecumenical.

Someone said, plaster.

A girl with acetaminophen

stashed in her pockets

purchased a black and

white cookie. After class,

I climbed Mt. Rainier

and Mt. Rainier disappeared.

I skateboarded

home. Outside my window,

the laundromat whispered,

Sparkle Temptations.

I tied my curtains in knots

but kept them hanging

to occlude the moon.

The sky was persimmons,

but not really.

All I could say was

more red than blue.

That's beautiful, I would love to make music for that !

That’s is awesome!

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