T-shirts for Yokohama Baystars

7 July 2016 ● 1 min read ● 2 images

This is the design I made for Yokohama Baystars. They asked several illustrators to come up with designs and although at the end they choose to take off the typography, it seems the shirt got into the top 30 and sold out pretty quickly.

See this and other new work of mine at www.luismendo.com

You can buy it here once they reprint it. 

Here is a photo of the shirt as it turned out at the end. Photographer unknown.

Bro! This is so cool! But you should post the t-shirt shot too! You can do that as you have the new editor. ;)

I know but I haven't gotten the shirt yet. I will add the link to the shop though.

Nice Luis Mendo ! That's my hood right there.

Luis Mendo - Illustrator in Tokyo, Japan Luis Mendo Illustrator 11 July 2016

Thanks Adam Akhtar Funny, when I was drawing those buildings I was thinking "hope someone recognises their building, their office or a corner they know :)

I do indeed squire. Top (leftish) corner should be the Starbucks I go to :-)

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