12 January 2023 ● less than 1 min read ● 1 image

Lowpoly 3D art series: Mt. Fuji

Blender 3D

Remember, if you climb Mt.Fuji, bring as many sweaters as you think is necessary, then bring 1 more. It will be the two "mosts" of your life: The most beautiful sunrise, and the most cold you've ever been!

Open for Commissions

Love this! If you squint you can almost see my cabin in the brown patch at the bottom. 🤣

haha thank you! I'll add your cabin in v2.0 🤣

We passed a couple climbers in basketball shorts and space blankets. Burr. For about an hour, though, at the top, it was sunny and warm enough to wear a short sleeve shirt, but quickly turned frigid again and then it was a deluge the whole way down.

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