Lee Negin, "Hungry Ghosts"

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http://passingphasemusic.com “Hungry Ghosts,” from the album Lee Negin, “Hungry Ghosts.” Originally released in 2011 on Passing Phase Records, A2Z-444.
Video and Music by Lee Negin. Copyright 2016, Lee Negin/Passing Phase Music (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

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Credits and the Story: This was my ‘comeback’ album, written in my home studio (at the time in Seoul, Korea) and mixed and mastered in the UK. I had taken a several year ‘hiatus’ from the ‘music business’ because, well, it’s the ‘music business.’ In early 2010, I received a cryptic email from a German record company in Berlin. Apparently they had been looking for me for quite some time, as they wanted to include one of my tracks from the 80’s on a compilation—and they were ‘big fans of mine.’ Long story—but, I decided to give music making another whirl. I wrote 2 albums in my newly put-together studio (“Hungry Ghosts” and “Wu Wei,)” finished all of the basic tracking, and then holed up for 2 weeks in a world-class recording studio in Yorkshire, UK to do all of the ‘acoustic’ instruments (I played trumpet, acoustic drums, vocals), as well as record guest vocalists, some electric guitar through amp stacks, and several of the cool vintage gear in the studio’s arsenal I couldn’t pass up (an original PPG Wave synth, Yamaha CP-70 electric piano, Mellotron, Yamaha DX-7, etc.)…so I threw all of that into the stew. I was introduced to an incredible vocalist, Sulene Fleming— very in-demand in the London session scene and a gifted songwriter in her own right. I really couldn’t afford her, but after we talked for several minutes, she said she’d give me a break. We hit it off immediately. She sings (brilliantly I must add) on this track. It was very challenging. I wrote it in a very odd time signature, and the vocals come in “off time.” I play all of the instruments, as usual, but I got a special treat on this track. I got to play acoustic drums! I stayed up all night in the studio preparing the studio’s kit, alone, studying John Bonham’s tuning techniques, which I copied, and Glyn John’s mic set up, which I copied (mostly).
Co-Mixing this album with me was (and is) my dear friend and beloved ‘brother,’ Simon Humphrey. In his great career, Simon has produced/engineered The Clash, Culture Club, ABBA, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Beck, David Byrne…he even played bass on a Beach Boy’s track!! It was an honour to work with him, and even more that our friendship continues. Finally, the album (and “Wu Wei”) were mastered by a legend, Jon Astley. I spent an afternoon with Jon in his beautiful London home on the bank of the Thames (formerly Pete Townshend’s house, who was Jon’s brother-in-law), drinking tea and chatting about music. The room we sat in, Jon’s studio, was the same room where Pete Townshend recorded Thunderclap Newman’s “Something in the Air,” and wrote “Tommy,” etc. Imagine my dismay when Jon, going to get us more tea, put 2 boxes on my lap to look at. They were THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES FOR THE ALBUM “WHO’S NEXT!!!!” with Pete Townshend’s handwritten track notes on the covers (Jon was re-mastering the classic). This is one of my favourite albums of all time! Jon has produced/mastered The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, George Harrison (the re-master of “All Things Must Pass,”), Eric Clapton, ABBA, etc. etc. All-in-all, an amazing experience. I hope you enjoy this song. I still love it, so I wanted to make a video…this week, after the passing of the Greatest, Muhammad Ali, it seemed like a good time. Put on some headphones and crank it up!!

ART CREDITS: Album Cover: Jadwiga Gwisdol/Philomena
First image of me: Masahiko Saga
Various Images Throughout: Visual Alchemy (they can all be found on Facebook)
Cheers, Lee Negin 12 June, 2016 Dedicated to: Simon, Sulene and Muhammad Ali.

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