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22 June 2022 ● 1 min read ● 1 image
ch. 1

"blue swallows window"

to exhibit this weekend:
DATE: JUNE, 25th, 2022.
TIME: 17:00pm - 22:00pm.

Project statement:

I’m responding to strong feelings. Recently it comes out in color and texture and words. Fragments of a story. I don’t completely understand the peaks and valleys of emotion or experience, except that there are peaks, and there are valleys. Reckoning with those gaps was the practice. There is pain in not knowing what is real or not real, and waking up to unpleasant realities.

But as I go further I realize there is a deeper, and stronger unknown-ness. There is freedom in letting go of narrative, and knowing. Of honoring every layer you lived. Old skin sheds because it does not know how to hold you and your endlessness. There is beauty in this kind of breaking, and in the shattering of an original understanding. Some kind of unfounded strength sits inside our rib cages.

I want to remind myself, and others, of that.

It’s my hope that it will afford some relief and some lightness as we tread.

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