Seven Years Coffee

28 January 2022 ● 1 min read ● 4 images

Postcard design, art, and main logo.

Seven Years Coffee is a small pop-up coffee shop by roaster, Ryo Hashimoto. From the left (all light roasts): Rwanda Simbi, Ethiopia Kongo, and Costa Rica. Each coffee has its own distinct tastes, which are expressed individually through an abstract watercolor painting. We really wanted something instinctive, emotional, or open for interpretation because everyone tastes and enjoy coffee differently.

Paintings are printed on a postcard and clipped onto the package so that people won't have to dispose them and instead maybe tape it on a wallpaper inside their room or use it to send a letter to a friend. 

Ryo is usually spotted at 106 Coffee Stand in Shoinjinja or at Bolt Coffee Stand in Yoyogi Uehara serving his original coffee beans by drip or latte. Check out his instagram for his monthly schedule.

Seven Years refers to Ryo's first seven years in the coffee industry, a time he considers the most important time of his life. It is also the name of his favorite song by Norah Jones. 

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